Partner with Us

Clients are finding it increasingly difficult and expensive to support an international, in-house accounts receivable department. IPFS programs provide a seamless relationship with your business office to manage international patient accounts.

IPFS also seeks to improve the service that international patients receive after they have left a medical facility in the U.S. We assist with confusing medical claims and ensure that providers are paid promptly for their services. Customized letters, coordinated with timely phone calls to your patients, produce maximum results. IPFS offers a variety of extended business office services including billing, early-out, early intervention, pre-collect and default prevention.

To obtain maximum resolution, early participation on our part is a necessity. Success with early intervention is achieved through a blend of international professionals and advanced technology.  We expedite the right information to the right person at the right time. You dictate how you want our services to cater to your needs and profitability goals.

> Real time access to your accounts via secure web interface
> Contingency fee based quotes
> Account assessment by experts
> HIPAA compliant organization
> PHI confidentiality
> Technologically proficient
> Reporting versatility